Transport and logistic services all around the world

The headquarter is sitted in Madrid, where we manage all the consolidations and deconsolidations with the warehouses

Our services

  • National and internacional air freights
  • National and internacional sea freights
  • Distribution and storage
  • Custom clearance procedures
  • Insurances
  • Deconsolidations
  • High quality in our services, as prealerts, updates of the shipments and POD
  • Collect of freights and reimbursements to our partners as agreed
  • Development of the sales lead and the information provided by our partners

The key of the success in the shipments are the speed in the transport and in the information, for this we have:

Centralized system of communication

We work in a centralized system of communications, managed from our headquarter in Madrid.

We distribute daily to our offices prealerts, rates, problems in the operations and accounting statements. This ensure us the control over the shipments, the collections and payments.

Shipments tracing system

We have implanted a tracing system for the shipments, that allow us to have access to the informatics systems of the airlines and the custom, to make the procedures in a direct and reliable way.

Transporte aereo
Air Freight

Transporte maritimo
Sea Freight

Transporte terrestre
Road Freight